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You are here because you have rejected
or because you are in the process of possibly rejecting
your conventional medical doctors' answers for how to get well and stay well.


You may have been searching months or even years
for answers to your health problems.
You may have spent thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars
on medical answers — answers that only left you worse off than ever!
Or — maybe you today exude spectacular health,
ride high with extreme energy, look years younger than your age,
boast of no aches or pains whatsoever, and just want to keep it so!
Whatever way you came to this website today,


You will get off the wrong track entirely when you reject
"The Medical Mentality at Its Very Worst."
You will get on the right track totally when you start searching
for answers in the maze of alternative health care systems.
At this website, however, you are not just "on the right track."
You are on "the best track and the fastest track" to finding answers
that will get you well and then keep you well

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Let me introduce myself: Pictured below, I am having fun with my HighJoy,
a high-spirited, pure-blooded Arabian. I am Victoria BidWell,
Your Global Health Revolutionist & Supplier of the
Most Expansive Natural Hygiene Contraband
Collection Ever Made Available!
I am a self-made, self-educated woman in the spirit of
"American Rugged Individualism."
But if you want formal credentials, here they are:
Ph.D. in Natural Hygiene at College of Life Science
Ed.D. in Natural Hygiene at City University of Los Angeles
Ph.D. in Natural Hygiene at University of Natural Health

Victoria and HighJoy!
Taken after a Rode-Hard & Put-Away-Wet Ride in The Canadian Rockies!
— Year 2002 —

My Dear Friend Cara Yowell asks Health Seekers:
"Now, you tell me!
Does Victoria look like she could ever create a boring book?
Of course not!"

HighJoy & I are here to serve you as...
"The Spurs of The Global Natural Hygiene Revolution!"
See the scope of our plans "To Help The People" at...
We are here to help you make
very, very inspirational, motivational, and fun
that which can all too often feel
very, very depriving, difficult, and dreary...
that is, changing sometimes dearly beloved, energy-robbing habits
into sometimes very new, health-promoting habits!

Ohio's Dr. Tilden from His
Health Epigrams Penned in 1926:

"Men and women want grand health!
That is, just so long as it does not
cost too much in personal effort,
does not require too much in private
sacrifice, and does not demand too much
in the relinquishing of too many
(and preferably, not even one) of their
cherished indulgences!"

Seriously, what could be more fun than getting well?

The Health Seeker will get to do all those health-enhancing
activities given up while not paying attention, and he will
stop all those habits that were slowly turning him or her
into The Old Gray Stallion or The Old Gray Mare!

HighJoy with Veggies!

It is my God-given calling to expose the shortcomings of...
"The Medical Mentality at Its Very Worst!"
— and —
It is my 24•7•365 job to offer the beauties of...
"Natural Hygiene at Its Very Best!"


1... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY holds that a person can appear "perfectly healthy" one day and then be mysteriously, inexplicably stricken with a dreaded disease overnight! The words "baffling" and "mysterious" are favored when explaining why the patient is ill and cause is unknown.
2... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY supports a firm belief in "The Germ Theory" to explain the causes of many diseases as originally proposed by Louis Pasteur: disease is caused by microorganisms or viruses foreign to the body, which they invade and use as a host; and the cure of germ-inspired disease is a laboratory-inspired antidote.
3... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY holds that there are 10,000+ known and categorized and named diseases and that each disease has its own cause or causes, known or unknown. Years of scientists' time and billions of Americans' dollars are spent annually, searching for the external, mysterious causes of various diseases and their antidotes.
4... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY looks at "disease" as a warfare process, as an enemy which "invades or attacks the body" and, therefore, as something which can — and must — be stopped: the symptoms must be palliated or suppressed; the body must, in some way, be "treated" with some sort of doctor-prescribed drug, treatment or therapy, or surgery to make the patient get well.
5... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY teaches you that illness is to be expected as the years advance since germs are everywhere and since disease is an expected, wear-and-tear part of the aging process. Doctors hopelessly and coldheartedly state: "You will just have to learn to live with it!" ("it" meaning "the pain and degeneration") if standard medical treatment cannot get you well.
6... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY is not interested in promoting dietary nutrition as an integral part of getting well or staying well, although it may make minor concessions such as recommending a reduction in dietary salt or the adoption of a weight-loss program. The prevailing, pessimistic attitude among doctors, however, is that even if there were something to this "dietary nutrition," people would not change their eating habits, anyway. At its worst, The Medical Mentality holds no faith in the human being to change: A sense of hopelessness in the minds of doctors and patients alike prevails.
7... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY looks at the practice of fasting to be synonymous with starvation; and fasting is, therefore, viewed as a form of dangerous extremism.
8... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY refuses to acknowledge the evidence that any of the many alternative health care systems have any validity, whatsoever. It does this in the face of vast amounts of ever-increasing evidence and carefully kept records and astoundingly successful case histories. Any improvement on the part of individuals under alternative health care systems is attributed to chance or to "spontaneous remission" or to other causes; or the improvement is branded as "dangerous in the long run," regardless of how much the person has improved.
9... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY encourages both a belief in and a dependence upon the medical/pharmaceutical complex as the final authority on all health questions and as the only real source of knowledge and power that leads to individual health. Conformity to Establishment Thinking and The Medical Mentality are systematically and relentlessly conditioned and brainwashed into the minds of The People, from birth unto death, through both subtle cues and by means of open intimidation by those in power. These tactics have all the trappings of a cult.
10... Under THE MEDICAL MENTALITY, the patient subjects himself or herself and loved ones to continued medical treatment, disregarding the all-too-often reality: they only get worse as the medical treatment continues. Furthermore, because the patient has been successfully indoctrinated by The Medical-cult Mentality, they have no hope and no desire to search for a workable, alternative health care system and no impetus whatsoever to learn how to take personal responsibility for their health.


1... NATURAL HYGIENE holds that health is the normal state of all living organisms and that health is maintained through natural, self-initiating, self-healing processes!
2... NATURAL HYGIENE holds that the one cause of all disease is the toxic saturation at the cellular level of the bodily tissues, blood stream, and fluids brought on by the depletion of Nerve Energy reserves through toxic living habits. This self-poisoned state is termed: "Toxemia" or "Auto-Intoxication" or "Toxicosis."
3... NATURAL HYGIENE views disease as orderly, backward degenerations at the cellular level and fluid levels as a result of Toxemia. In order to prevent these retrograde changes and to forestall degenerative changes in the actual structure and consequent function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems for as long as possible, the body isolates and/or eliminates abnormal accumulations of metabolic waste and ingested poisons. Such bodily-conducted actions of elimination (also called "excretion") may be called "disease" (acute); but these actions actually serve to prevent further, degenerative, long-term, and irreversible changes (chronic).
4... Excluding genetic factors and because Toxemia is "The One Cause of All Disease," NATURAL HYGIENE refutes the concept that microorganisms — also called "germs" or "viruses" — are the sole, causative factors of disease in virtually all cases where these microorganisms are present in diseased tissues.
5... Because only the body is capable of instituting the eliminating, cleansing, healing, renewing processes, NATURAL HYGIENE rejects the ingestion of any substances which the body cannot metabolize and assimilate and which cannot be used in the normal, metabolic processes for appropriation into bodily tissues and fluids. Such unnatural substances can only further poison and then further enervate the body and are not to be considered as "food" or "nutrition," in any way. Both medication and "quasi-food" substances typical of the refined, chemicalized, processed Standard American Diet (SAD) are included in this poisoning category and are not only health-threatening, but also life-threatening.
6... NATURAL HYGIENE recommends the following as "The Ideal Diet" and, therefore, as the only foods fit for the highest level of human health and well-being: whole, fresh, uncooked, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and sprouts, all to be prepared in proper combination and eaten in moderation and when one is in a state of Emotional Balance. Non-toxic supplements are recommended to offset our depleted soils situation and the added environmental and social stresses of our troubled times. Dr. Vetrano and Drs. Tosca and Greg Haag and I recommend only USANA.
7... NATURAL HYGIENE advocates fasting on water-only for virtually all Health Seekers who want to get well and when no contraindications for fasting on water-only exist. Fasting provides physical, physiological, sensory, mental, and emotional rest. This deep and almost total rest provides the body with the ideal conditions that are necessary for the regeneration of Nerve Energy and that are mandatory for the elimination of toxins, cellular repairs, balancing of body chemistry, and fullest restoration of health possible.
8... NATURAL HYGIENE maintains that health is the personal responsibility of each individual and that God-given health, happiness, and Hygiene Joy are achieved only by the most conscientious and daily application of The 10 Energy Enhancers!

Natural Hygiene Is...
"The Superlative, Alternative
Health Care System!"

Natural Hygiene Shows You...
#1: How to Remove The Causes of Disease,
#2: How to Provide The Conditions for Health,
#3: All — without Drug & Doctor Dependency
& with Self-Responsibility!

Pioneers called these 10 points...
"The Conditions for Health."
I call them... "The 10 Energy Enhancers."
If you have been searching for the ring of keys
to unlock the gates to the greenest pastures
of Superlative Health, let me tell you:
"The ring is Natural Hygiene.
The keys are The 10 Energy Enhancers."

What Did I Do to Get Sick & Then Sicker?
  1. Uncleanliness — Inside & Out
  2. Impure Air
  3. Impure Water
  4. Inadequate Rest & Sleep
  5. The Standard American Diet of cooked, processed, condimented, chemicalized, spiced, sugared, fatty & junky foods
  6. Wrong Temperatures
  7. Unnatural Light & Lack of Sunshine
  8. Lack of Regular Exercise
  9. Emotional UnBalance, which includes:
    Addictions, Low Self-esteem,
    A Purposeless Life & Meaningless Goals
  10. Toxic Relationships
What Can I Do to Get Well & Then Stay Well?
  1. Cleanliness — Inside & Out
  2. Pure Air
  3. Pure Water
  4. Adequate Rest & Sleep
  5. The Ideal Diet of Sun-Ripened Live-Foods: Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds & Sprouts
  6. Right Temperatures
  7. Natural Light & Sun Baths
  8. Regular Exercise
  9. Emotional Balance, which includes:
    Freedom from Addictions, High Self-esteem, a Purposeful Life & Meaningful Goals
  10. Nurturing Relationships

"The Old Gray Mare,
She Ain't What She Used to Be...
Many Long Years Ago!"
Questions that Reflect The Descent into Disease:

What % of your energy remains with you today that you had at the highlight of the very best days of your life? Is the % so low that it greatly concerns you?

Realistically, do you think it possible to recapture much of the lost energy of your youth? That is, do you have any belief or hope you could even get re-energized, re-invigorated, re-cycled? Or are you thinking: "The best is over. It's all just downhill from here on in."?

Is your sleep troubled and fitful? Are you a full-blown insomniac? Are your dreams so disturbing it is like going to horror movies all night long? Do you dread going to bed?

Do you get out of bed in the morning — with a BOUNCE? Is your life so rich with beloved people to nurture, wonderful animals big or small to caretake, challenges to meet, projects to complete, visions to make manifest, and fun to be had — that you are absolutely chomping at the bit, hot to trot, to go... go... go... as your day begins?

Does your mind get sharper and quicker with each passing year?

Can you still take a stand for yourself and outwit the bad guys and be a force for good whenever you need to?

Do you still have what it takes to spend the energy and put in a few punches for whatever you believe in throughout your day?

Do you have 1 or more mild and/or full-blown addictions going in your daily life? If deep into addiction, have you analyzed what void you are trying to fill with these time-consuming, energy-draining, obsessive and compulsive pursuits?

Are you stabilized at a good weight? Or are you slowly gaining over the years? Do you go up and down? Or are you getting scary skinny?

Are you strong? Can you lift what you need to when you need to? Can you move with pleasant flexibility? Do you get winded easily? When was the last time you worked up a sustained sweat for your aerobic fitness? Did some stretching exercises for flexibility? Did some resistance training for your strength?

Are you good and confused by all the conflicting information out there about what to eat and about how to go about getting well?

Do you resent paying for doctors and their answers while you only get worse on their advice, prescriptions, surgeries, and treatments?

How many medications are you on? Are they helping you feel better — or do you suspect that you are slowly poisoning yourself with these medications into even more disease and possibly even an early death?

Are you spending so much money on worthless, dangerous, or obviously ineffective, conventional medical treatments/doctors that the expenses are breaking your spirit and your bank account?

Have you been searching for very long for the very best way to get well and stay well? Has your searching been leading to dead ends?


Are you presently so tired and so disinclined to even move about, with so little zest for life, that you are beginning to suspect you harbor a subconscious death wish about to be fulfilled?

Are the things of this Earth beginning to grow strangely dim?

Every website offering an alternative health care answer to what ails you goes on and on with a dreary, miserable list something like the above. But only Natural Hygiene will give you the superlative solution to what ails you — provided you have not yet reached The Deathbed, Pathological Point of No Return, that is. And chances are, you have not. Or you would not even be able to sit upright at your computer right now! The only downside to your getting well, therefore, is a matter of timing. If you have waited too long to get turned around, the improvements may not be as speedy or as great. Obviously, it is better to start The 10 Energy Enhancers while in acute, quickly reversible disease than in chronic, degenerative disease. The body's healing powers do have limits. The upside, however, is this: if you are only in acute disease, your recovery can be rapid and complete; and if you are not too deep, deep into chronic, degenerative disease, you can at least stop the disease progression and quite possibly turn around nearly completely or make such improvements that you will be thrilled! Natural Hygiene practiced at its very best is, indeed, THRILLING — compared to what the medical world at its very worst has to offer! SO — YOU MADE IT! YOU WIN! YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST OF THE BEST! Now, let's get you turned around and see how much of The Old Gray Mare or The Old Gray Stallion you can throw off! First, let's get educated! I invited you to take a crash course in Natural Hygiene — your first of many gifts from HighJoy and me! JUST CLICK... on over to the link below. Read "Our Very Best Foundational Bedrock Teachings." Here are 400 hours of my original lessons that went into The Live Food Factor. They now serve as your very best booklet overview introduction to Natural Hygiene:

Once at "Our Homestead Page," CLICK ON...
Our Very Best

Ride On! Read On!

"Superlative!" = "THE BEST!"

I got my 1st horse when I was 6 years old. Before I became a Christian at age 35, I was a pantheist. That is, I found happiness in animals and all nature around me. ("Pan" = "all" or "everything.") My horse in "all" ways kept me in touch with "all" of nature as we traveled "all" the roads, highways, fields, woods, and beaches in "all" kinds of weather and through "all" the seasons! Once I became a Christian, my horse instead kept me in touch with my Creator and His creations! NOW? My favorite pastime is just... PRAISING THE LORD ON HIGH! Each ride is now a back-to-nature adventure to praise my Creator and thank Him for my calling to help Health Seekers! That being said, let me ask you a very serious question — one that will make all the difference in your getting well and staying well:

"If God stood you before a corral of 20 young, lovely, healthy, unspoiled horses, which one would you pick?"
20 Horses

Surely, your answer would be along the lines of:

Bucking HighJoy!

The best synonym for the word "best" is "superlative." There are at least 200+ alternative health care systems out there making "YOU CAN GET WELL & STAY WELL!" promises, if you count everything from Acupuncture to Zone Therapy, along with every diet that has ever come down the pike. Only one, however, can be called "THE BEST!" — "THE SUPERLATIVE!" Like my picking the very best, God-given horse from the corral, I have dedicated my last 28 years to teaching the very best, God-given get well and stay well system of them all, the one firmly grounded in The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life and encoded into our very DNA... "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System." It is called "Natural Hygiene."

If you have no time for clicking on over to read
summary of those 65 pages.


You will learn... that we are born with a limited supply of energy... that our energy supplies available to us on a daily/nightly basis are not infinite... that we are not gods with super powers... that we cannot burn the candle at both ends non-stop throughout life... that our energy is replenished daily/nightly with adequate rest and sleep... that if we get enough rest and sleep and follow 9 other simple healthful living practices, we can get well and stay well... that we only get sick because we have not spent our reserve energy wisely... that when our energy does run low because we did not know that "IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGY," our nervous systems do not have the energy reserves needed to keep our bodies' 75,000,000,000,000 cells clean... that when our bodies are not kept clean, we get toxic... that toxins stored in our bodies lead to cells, tissues, and organs undergoing retrograde changes away from health that manifest in what we call "disease"... that the pain and suffering and death-before-one's-time inherent in the disease process is actually, therefore, the result of "AN ENERGY CRISIS IN A TOXIC BODY!"... and finally, that to get well, we must change our energy-squandering, energy-draining ways to energy-enhancing, energy-conserving ways so that our bodies will have the energy they need to revitalize, detoxify, rebalance body chemistry, repair, and rejuvenate! In a nutshell, this is what you will learn at "Our Very Best Foundational Bedrock Teachings." IT IS ALL FREE INFO! GO FOR IT!

Once at "Our Homestead Page," CLICK ON...
"Our Very Best Foundational Bedrock Teachings."

The sum total of what you are about to learn in these gift 65 pages will rock the very foundations of your 75,000,000,000,000 cells that make up your body, mind, and spirit! For there, in the best little book introduction to Natural Hygiene ever put into print, edited by the top doctor alive today, there you will find an overview of the info found in 2 BOOKS IN 1 — info that you need to reclaim the hope you need to muster up the courage you need to... "TRY AGAIN!" ONLY THIS TIME, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO GO IT ALONE! This time, you will have "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System." It will give you the best and fastest way to revitalize your nervous system... that will inspire this chain of natural, physiological events: Your body gains the energy it needs to detoxify its cells... which simultaneously inspires balancing of body chemistry along with repair of cells and tissues and systems... that results in a reversal of retrograde, unhealthy changes we have come to know as "disease"... which turns your getting tired-&-sick situation around... which stops your Descent into Disease... which allows you to ascend into health if your disease had been acute and into improved to near-complete health if your disease had been chronic. Either way, you are not just getting worse and worse and growing more and more demoralized and less and less hopeful. You are getting well! And that, Dear Health Seeker, will bring the bluebird of happiness to sit on your shoulder and sing to you — every day!
Trailhead Starts Here!
ONLY THIS TIME, YOU WILL HAVE WHAT YOU NEED! YOU WILL HAVE... The Wilderness Woman & The HighJoy Horse to spur you on to the mountaintop trails! YOU WILL HAVE... our many websites full of clear-cut information, life-saving fun, and correctly prepared recipes! YOU WILL HAVE... our 4livefoodfactorfriends broadcasts throughout the month to inform, challenge, and excite you! YOU WILL HAVE... Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods Health Retreat to visit where you can live and learn Natural Hygiene! YOU WILL HAVE... Our 4naturecurerawfoodhealthretreatfriends.com broadcasts to take you on virtual visits to The Guesthouse every month. YOU WILL HAVE... any 1 of 1,000 of the upcoming titles of Natural Hygiene Contraband for your specific situation and to further your education, inspiration, and motivation at www.health4thebillions.org. YOU WILL HAVE... our FREE E-Book-of-The-Month GIFT by FREE SUBSCRIBING AT www.4health4thebillionsfriends.com. WHAT FUN! FUN! FUN! AND YOU WILL HAVE... Our 3 Texas Doctors for consultations. BUT BEST OF ALL, YOU WILL HAVE... your everyday guide in 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense!


Sr. Shelton
Preview of Your Hygienized Life!
By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

When one adopts Natural Hygiene, one lives in a new world!
The transition from the old world to the new is immediate.
All nature becomes more beautiful and glorious!
Duties that were irksome become easy to perform.
We breathe purer atmosphere. New purposes animate us.
The change in our character is equally as great.
We see in every tree and shrub and in every blade of grass
a beauty of which we before had not been conscious!
A spirit of love and goodwill permeates our lives!
We develop a gentleness and kindness that are new to us.
We have the strength to perform whatever we choose
with cheerfulness and delight.
Troubles, anxieties, and cares dissipate.
For we know that our welfare is secure and on a firm basis.
From Dr. Shelton's book —— Health for The Millions

The Health Seekers' YearBook
You are probably a very busy person!
If you have read enough & are ready to order your
2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook
with The Best of Common Health Sense,

Cara Yowell: "The Wilderness Woman Is A Health Educator
Who Knows How to Come Off Her High Horse
& Communicate with The Rest of Us!"
I have known Victoria since 1993. She doesn't set herself up as a "Dr." or a "Ph.D." in an ivory tower of perfection as someone who is beyond approach or reproach. She only recently started putting up her degrees because Health Seekers kept asking to see them. She doesn't pretend to be perfect. As far as I'm concerned, besides living an outrageously adventurous lifestyle that is completely outside the box, Victoria's earthy honesty is what's so totally endearing about her. And she does not promote herself as having no shortcomings! At her Guesthouse, she will sit and talk with us and laugh with us, share with us and teach us by the hour. She will picnic in the great outdoors with us and feast at the fancy dining table with us. She's just plain one of us common folk — striving to get well and stay well, too!
Victoria has taken up the fun of being "The Wilderness Woman" since I met her — the end product of spending a year in The Kootney Mountains of The Canadian Rockies with her HighJoy Horse in 1999. After that year, she returned to Washington State and promptly figured out how to move into her own mountain range: The Pacific Northwest Cascades! She has forever gone BACK-TO-NATURE! At her retreat — Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods — Victoria wears "Wilderness Woman" clothes — nothing fancy. She works with us, learns with us, eats with us, laughs with us, commiserates with us, and celebrates with us! If we are not too straight-laced for a little Hollywood humor or too sick to even watch a movie, she will start us out on The Road to Wellville — the hilarious and bawdy historical comedy and spoof on Dr. Kellog's famous "Sans" health retreat sanitarium that flourished at the turn of the 20th century! "After watching that," Guest Holly Kollner declared, "anything we endure at Our Homestead is a piece of cake!"
Victoria has gone back-to-nature! When she almost died in a fire while in Canada, she gave up hair dye, make-up, perfume, and jewelry! She drives around in an '86 "Patriotic Pick-up" with 800,000 miles on it or in an '84 sawed-off Bronco Junior with a huge, wood-carved eagle mounted on a stump in the back and with antlers also mounted on the front and back! But she saves a black, shiny, little P.T. Cruiser for city slicker guests. Whatever this mechanic's daughter drives around, you will see she has learned to make everything fun — even going to the garbage dump or out on errands! Yet, beyond the childlike fun she enjoys living in the pristine Cascade Mountains, breath-taking in their beauty, Victoria The Health Educator is carrying around a serious, heavy load on her shoulders and a deep, heavy love in her heart — for "The Billions of People on Planet Earth!" With her all-consuming job, I'd be looking for every chance to have a little fun, too!
Victoria and The Buckboard
The Buckboard in summer of 2010... loaded down with orders
for 2 BOOKS IN 1 & Natural Hygiene Contraband 4 The Global Health Seeker!
Victoria's knowledge of Natural Hygiene may not be on par with the Natural Hygiene doctors who have gone through medical school and chiropractic or naturopathic. But our 3 Texas Doctors are always on call for you through Victoria. While her fireside chats with us guests feel leisurely and homey and are filled with sharing and caring as we lounge around just resting, still, she has an uncanny way of honing in on our energy-robbing habits and assessing our energy-enhancing needs and getting through to us at those very deep levels that inspire change in positive and empowering ways! So, don't be fooled by The Wilderness Woman having her fun! She knows her stuff! She has been granted 3 Honorary Doctorate Degrees by 1 college and 2 universities for her contributions to their curriculums and/or to helping The People learn about Natural Hygiene. Even Dr. Vetrano has recently proclaimed Victoria to be "...the best editor, writer, and teacher in Natural Hygiene today!" No one knows and teaches "down-home, back-to-nature, you-can-do-it, never-give-up, make-it-fun Natural Hygiene" like Victoria BidWell can and does!
"Natural Hygiene"? Not the most exciting of names. But the system of Natural Hygiene, in my opinion, presents a total health care package and, therefore, goes into much more than what most teachers of the raw food movement present today. Most of them are just raw food recipe writers, anyway, who present little or no emphasis on providing any, let alone all of The Conditions for Health! If they do, the lip service is given by most without the in-depth knowledge needed. Natural Hygiene, properly presented, has been the best-kept secret from Health Seekers everywhere — UNTIL NOW. That will all change when Victoria's newest project in the making with "Our 3 Texas Doctors" Vetrano and Tosca and Greg Haag formally launch www.health4thebillions.org and ride out to talk to The People via www.hygienehighjoyacrossamerica.com.
Natural Hygiene, at its best, teaches us how to be in the right relationship with our bodies by giving them what they need to thrive in health and by giving them what they need to get rid of disease-promoting, toxic gunk! Pretty simple concept. Easy to say, hard to do — right? But not when you get The Wilderness Woman's GREAT, BIG BOOK ON NATURAL HYGIENE! For those who want to take responsibility for their health, both mental and physical, The Health Seekers' YearBook is just bursting with positive pointers and powerful pushes! It teaches both intellectually and emotionally, motivating one to improve her health and that of our planet! THANK YOU, VICTORIA! YOUR GREAT, BIG BOOK IS A REAL VICTORY!
If you've been curious about the raw food diet and Natural Hygiene, there is no better resource than 2 Books in 1: The Health Seekers' with The Best of Common Health Sense. Victoria demystifies the concepts of Natural Hygiene and points out the real dangers of our energy-robbing ways of living, including our conventional, medical use of drugs and our penchant for surgeries. Victoria's presentation of scientific concepts is clear and precise like none others have ever been. Menus, recipes, and how-to-do-it advisements and even an inspirational quote for every day of the year are summarized in one of her many mottos:
The graphics alone in 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense make it worth the look-see while your right brain gets electrified! And her left-brain-appeal rhetoric? Get ready to get educated! And then, watch out! You will turn on to alternative health care at its very best, tune in to Natural Hygiene, and turn on to do The Wilderness Woman's latest motto that bubbled up while she worked for 2 years on her latest great, big book contribution — The Live Food Factor...

Choose Life! Do Right! Eat Live! Get High!

The Preface to the COMMON HEALTH SENSE magazine,
Edited by Dr. Vetrano & Published by GetWell*StayWell, America!

TOO-MANY PEOPLE are TOO-SICK and TOO-TIRED of the TOO-MANY POOR RESULTS, the TOO-OFTEN UNGODLY SUFFERING, and the TOO-FREQUENT and TOO-UNCONSCIONABLE COSTS that are TOO-INHERENT in today's TOO-CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL SYSTEM! In total sympathy with Thomas Paine's 1776 sentiments, these are once again... "the times that try men's — and women's — souls." Over here in America, 1 out of 2 are so tried, that they seek alternatives to Establishment Medical Thinking, lest they, too, unwittingly join "The Suffering Class of America." Alternatives to The Medical Mentality abound in the worldwide marketplace, promising to cure The Sick and Suffering. But in these trying times, only Natural Hygiene offers Health Seekers... "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System." Here is a system based on "The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life" — on how the body works in health to preserve itself and in disease to restore itself. Here is "The Message & The Promise of Natural Hygiene" — that if we will learn to co-operate with our GOD-given bodies in their natural design, we may each claim and live out our Highest Health Potential! Here is Common Health Sense — to teach us Health Seekers exactly how it is claimed:

First of all — WE remove The Causes of Disease.
(These "Causes" are The 10 Energy Robbers.)
Secondly — WE provide The Conditions for Health.
(These "Conditions" are The 10 Energy Enhancers.)

In so removing The 10 Energy Robbers and in providing The 10 Energy Enhancers, the body proceeds to recover the Nerve Energy it needs to revitalize, detoxify, repair, restore, and rejuvenate its 75,000,000,000,000 cells! We GetWell and StayWell! We feel and look years younger! We should all be dancing into our later years! And we should be living in the natural, GOD-intended state of HIS Joy — and what Dr. Vetrano has called "Hygiene Euphoria" and what I call "Hygiene High Joy!

Dr. Vetrano Dancing
DR. V. HAT-danced At her 50th class reunion!

The Health Seekers Yearbook Dr. Vetrano Dancing
DR. V. danced with Hygiene Euphoria!

Common Sense Health

2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook
with The Best of Common Health Sense

The 2 BOOKS IN 1 Edition of The Health Seekers' YearBook includes the original 468-pages of the 1990 Edition + 132 pages added in 2005 from the best of my Common Health Sense magazine = 600 pages of Correct Natural Hygiene. I self-published The Health Seekers' YearBook in 1990 the old-fashioned way: phototypesetting, cutting and pasting at a light table, with no digital immediate gratification, on the web printing press, and with no major publishing house or Internet to market the book. The 1990 version took 5 years to write and to undergo Dr. Vetrano's thorough editing and $100,000 to get the manuscript camera-ready. (When you see the graphics and rhetoric, you will know why!) Even without major distributors, I sold 20,000 copies of the original version. But the 2005 version now offered to you is far superior. You do not want the 1990, 468-page, inferior version, should you see it offered somewhere — new or used. The 2 BOOKS IN 1 Edition is for the new millennium. BOOK 2: The Best of Common Health Sense contains an additional and crucial 132 pages of teachings and many more totally yummy, original live-food recipes and recipes formulas.

Let Me Save You Some Shopping Around Time:
The ONLY PLACE you can get 2 BOOKS IN 1
is from GetWell*StayWell, America!
GetWell*StayWell, America! The YearBook Fixes It So That You Will Never Again Ask Yourself:

Mango Meal
— mangos, avocados, celery, fresh figs & lettuce —

The #1 Reason Most Health Seekers Want This Book!
Most Health Seekers want this book for only 1 reason — for just 1 of the chapters:
#9 — The Year in Live-Food Menus, where they are served the following:
  • 52 WEEKS OF WHOLE & LIVE-FOOD MENUS for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ...without any repetition... whatsoever!
  • ALL IDEAL FOODS... no toxic foods... whatsoever!
  • ALL LIVE-FOODS... no cooked foods... whatsoever!
  • ALL PROPERLY COMBINED... no misbehavin' whatsoever!
  • ALL AMOUNTS SPECIFIED... no generalities whatsoever!
  • ALL SEASONAL FOODS FEATURED... all the variety imaginable for all 4 seasons!
  • 365 DAYS OF RAW-FOOD/LIVE-FOOD MENUS... that were once served at various Natural Hygiene retreats &/or that have been scrutinized by Dr. V. V. Vetrano who approved all menus daily at Dr. Shelton's Health School & her own for 50+ years!
Iron Chefs
Banana-&-Pineapple Almond Ice Cream with Raspberry Syrup

Our after-dinner dessert spoons serve up live-food & then
freeze-dried banana chips & 3 flavors of berry dust!

The #2 Reason Most Health Seekers Want This Book!
Then, most Health Seekers want the Holiday Recipes to serve 10 celebrants and the many recipes to serve 2 - 4 diners:
JUST KIDDING! Here are 2 flavors of VERY YUMMY live-food soups
served with Tango Juice (tangerine juice & mango) in fancy glasses
& Natural Hygiene-correct pesto with live-food, dehydrated crackers!
  • 25 LIVE-FRUIT MAIN DISHES to give to 2 - 4 diners
  • 25 LIVE VEGGIE MAIN DISHES to give to 2 - 4 diners
  • 48 Live-Food Recipes for Salad Dressings, Dips, Relishes, Sauces
  • 25 Classic Recipes that make up D. Nelson's Little Book: Food Combining Made Easy
  • 26 Recipes for The Revolution!
  • LIVE-FOOD, IDEAL-FOOD HOLIDAY MENUS TO SERVE — 10 CELEBRANTS! (Holiday menus do not repeat!)
  • 7-course menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's: beverage, appetizer, soup, veggie main dish, veggie side dish, fruit salad & dessert
  • 4-course menus for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day & The 4th of July: a beverage, an appetizer, a main dish & a dessert
The Unroasted Unturkey The Health Seekers' YearBook!
The Unroasted Unturkey — a yummy nut & veggie mix —
showcases our Thanksgiving Day feast!
— Victoria in 1992 —

If you are thinking:
— then...

The YearBook Fixes It So That You Will Never Again Ask Yourself:

In BOOK 2: The Best of Common Health Sense, I have included
Dr. Vetrano's lengthy "Genuine Fruitarianism" dissertation with my editing:
We answer this question in detail and once and for all!
It is the best answer to this question ever put into print!
A clue to the answer is in the subtitle to "Genuine Fruitarianism":
The answer: The very same place all vegetarians & carnivores alike
get their protein – FROM THE PLANT KINGDOM!

HighJoy Eeating Raw!
His horse sense tells him not to worry about where he gets his protein!

2 BOOKS IN 1 Fixes It So That You Will Never Again Agonize:
"I Am Just Too Busy and Too Broke to Adopt The Natural Hygiene Lifestyle!"

If you are like most people today, you are probably very busy – and sometimes very broke. So making new, healthy lifestyle choices has got to be uncomplicated and a money-saver, both! 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense presents just 10 Energy Robbers to dump and just Energy Enhancers to take up. We are all already doing some of these 10 Energy Enhancers, some of the time, anyhow. But most of us are not doing them consistently enough to be vibrantly healthy! Everybody who is not applying The 10 Energy Enhancers consistently in their lives is descending either slowly or rapidly into disease! Look around you! Natural Hygiene is not just one of the answers! IT IS THE ONLY ANSWER! And any alternative health care program out there that is successful is so to the degree that it approximates Natural Hygiene – whether they call it "Natural Hygiene" – or not! WHEW! THAT IS A BOLD STATEMENT! My years of study and experience have led me to no other conclusion.

We need to get serious, get educated, get focused, and get ready to self-correct when we are thrown off. We just need to tighten up our cinches and do more of The 10 Energy Enhancers more consistently, day and night. The beauty of doing Natural Hygiene – even imperfectly, at first – is that we will reap benefits in mind, body, and spirit – almost immediately – sometimes within hours and certainly within days and weeks, and definitely within months! These improvements are little blessings along The Hygiene HighJoy Trail! And they inspire us to become self-motivated! Hope springs eternal with every new day as we repair, restore, and rejuvenate! SELF-COMPELLING MOTIVATION! IT'S A BEAUTIFUL THING!

Another beauty is that, once we have paid for our water distillers or pure water by the gallon, only 1 of The 10 Energy Enhancers costs us any money at all – that is for the food itself! (And since it is unlikely that any of us are breath-a-tarians, we would be buying food, anyway, no matter what the diet!) Doing all 10 of The Energy Enhancers – even imperfectly, at first, – will save us Health Seekers thousands of dollars a year! 2 BOOKS IN 1 makes the raw-food/live-food program especially simple to shop for, quick to prepare, snappy to clean up, yummy to eat, fun to do, and money-saving to pursue! TO REPEAT: You will find menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all 365 days of the year and hundreds of recipes – without repetition – and recipe formulas that will never, ever, ever leave you at a loss in the kitchen or leave your taste buds unsatisfied and disappointed and looking for SAD (Standard American Diet) thrills or comforts! "TOO BUSY?" Your preparation time for whole food meals and simple recipes will take just minutes. You will be left with time on your hands eating this way! "TOO BROKE?" Compared to meat and junk food costs, you will be eating so inexpensively from the produce sections and fruit stands! And so many of your bills will go down, especially medical bills and money formerly spent on cheap thrills. For there is no richer thrill than that of getting well and staying well. MORE TIME + $$$ SAVED = FUN! FUN! FUN!

Yummy Whole Food!
Ready in minutes!
Our resident armadillo is guzzling OJ & Cashew Dressing while
his turtle friend is working on a celery tree top!

Very Berry Fruit!
We send Our Best Guests off with lots of grub at Our Hygiene Homestead!

Very Berry Fruit!
Holly Kallner cured herself of full-blown colitis in 6 serious, focused, sometimes grueling, always fruitful weeks at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods and then sent her hubby Joe for 6 weeks.
He got off decades of 8 medications & got a complete tune-up while she stayed home
& turned herself into a raw-food artist!

Delicious Raw Food! Holly's Uncheesecake!'!
Holly's Kickin'-Colitis Veggie Plate is believable enough.
But for new Live-Food Enthusiasts, it is really hard to grasp that
Holly's Uncheese Cake is made just from our live-foods
and has no cheese at all!

Want to read Holly's story?
CLICK ON... "Our Guests' Best Stories."
Want more meals served at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods?
CLICK ON... "Our 40 Fun & Fancy Live-Food Fotos" – both at www.naturecurerawfoodhealthretreat.com.

2 BOOKS IN 1 Fixes It So That You Can Proclaim:
"THIS IS IT! I Found It! I Can Stop Searching!
I Can Stop Buying More Books! I Can Stop Trying More Programs!"

I can honestly say: "THERE IS NO OTHER BOOK LIKE IT – NEVER WILL BE, EITHER!" Since 1990, nobody has even come close to out-doing this book! That is why a new university hired me to write the introductory course that all students are required to take using this book! Nobody will ever out-do this book, either! Anyone attempting it would have to be crazy – it was so much work! From 1990 to 2005, I sat back and watched a long line of Natural Hygiene and raw recipe books arrive, bask in the sun, and then fade into the sunset. Never found even one to compete with The Health Seekers' YearBook. With no competition, I had to outdo myself – just for the fun of it!

And so, in 2005, I added BOOK 2: with The Best of Common Health Sense. Yet – I have kept the 1990 price of $50 – even though 21 years of inflation have passed and even though I have added 132 pages of crucial teachings and way more recipes and recipe formulas and "I GotWell Stories!"
The Health Seekers' YearBook
Most Health Seekers want our great, big book –
just for the 1,000+ menus with no repetition & for the recipe chapters!
But you get sooooo much more in
2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook
with The Best of Common Health Sense!


What's Next?
"Praise Reports"
for The Health Seekers' YearBook
from The Promoters & Practitioners in 1990!

In 1990, Texan T. C. Fry promptly added The Health Seekers' YearBook to his curriculum at The Life Science Institute in Austin, Texas. It became part of his 106-lessoned Ph.D. degree. Today, 6,000 students worldwide have taken T. C.'s "Big Course." T. C. repeats Victoria's claim:
"This book presents... The Whole Hygienic Truth
and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth!"

T. C. Fry
In 1990, T. C. asked Health Seekers:
"HOW WOULD YOU like to have
the essence of my $1,500
Life Science Health System
for the ridiculously
low price of a mere... $50?"
In 1974, I conceived and outlined 106 lessons to bring the science of health to our people. In 1981, I started creating those lessons which became famous by virtue of the best seller, Fit for Life, written by 2 of my most illustrious graduates, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. In 1983, I engaged Victoria BidWell to help me administer The Life Science Health System, a course in the nutritional and health sciences. More particularly, she was engaged to evaluate and grade student test papers and write articles for my publications. A few years of earning her living by working with Natural Hygiene and diligent self-study have excellently qualified Victoria BidWell to become one of our most illustrious educators and spokespersons in The World of Natural Hygiene to this day.
Although Victoria has published several books on Pure Hygiene in the last 6 years, she will long be remembered and appreciated for her most grand publication: a huge, 468-page volume of oversized pages that should be called "The Natural Hygiene Encyclopedia." Appropriately named "The Health Seekers' YearBook," this is a complete traversal of Natural Hygiene that touches bases with every important concept in The Hygienic System. Victoria has called this mighty tome a "yearbook" because it presents a program for living healthfully throughout every day of the year. And, because of its immense practicality as a "do-it-yourself" approach to living Hygienically, she has subtitled it a "handbook." Actually, The Health Seekers' YearBook: A Revolutionist's Handbook for Getting Well and Staying Well without The Medicine Men is a complete and comprehensive health library in a single volume.
While I take great pride in The Life Science Health System which I have been instrumental in creating, it does not affront me a bit to welcome Victoria to the ranks of those who are fighting the battle against disease and suffering with the mightiest weapon ever: THE SIMPLE, SCIENTIFIC TRUTH! In fact, Victoria has put far more into this single volume than could be gleaned from the Life Science course and its texts at a single sitting! She has gone to every Hygienic practitioner of note in this day for guidance and contributions to her giant compendium. And she has gone to some very rare, Hygienic literature to present vignettes and insights from The Pioneers of Natural Hygiene that encapsulate and exemplify "The Whole Hygienic Truth and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth." As Hygienists, we know full well that this science has been effectively suppressed in this century, much to the suffering of The American People. The Diamonds got the people "off the fence" with Fit for Life. But Miss BidWell's Health Seekers' YearBook will take them straight into the forefront of The True Science of Natural Hygiene! Furthermore, Miss BidWell's unique talent for spotting quotable material in a sea of words brings us a wealth of illustrative quotations, as she affords us insights, rationales, and guidelines that are applicable in virtually all aspects of getting well and staying well that beset Health Seekers.

Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano, "Finally, we have 'The Hygienic Bible' to offer Health Seekers and Genuine Hygienists, alike!"
V. Vetrano editing The Health Seekers' Yearbook
The Queen of Natural Hygiene Edits
The Health Seekers' YearBook!
Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano was so betaken by the thorough-going and practical and readable, entertaining nature of this magna opum that she undertook to edit the entire YearBook to Hygienize it with her stamp of correctness. The masterful result of this fruitful collaboration is an impeccable presentation that yields laypersons sterling guidance in The Art & Science of Getting Well & Staying Well without The Medicine Men. I've already been reproached for "giving Victoria too much assistance at the expense of Life Science." Still, I feel neither jealous nor that Life Science has been slighted one bit! Our mission is to spread the beneficent message of Natural Hygiene as fast and as far as we can. We need all the help we can get. Rather than feel that Victoria is stealing my thunder, I congratulate her as yet another dedicated general in The Health Revolution to end ignorance, suffering, and premature death. Natural Hygiene is a grassroots movement that needs The Health Seekers' YearBook! I want to see its exalting message spread its wonders across America and around the world! I am happy that Victoria is devoting her enormous talent to the colossal task of further inflaming A Health Revolutionist's Spirit and inspiring A Health Revolutionist's Mentality into The People! With Dr. Vetrano's editing throughout The YearBook, we now have the finest piece of Hygienic literature history has yet to offer!

Though this is my 20th year devoted to studying and promoting Natural Hygiene, I read this book with avid excitement, staying up until the wee hours of the morning on some occasions. Because of the way Victoria has designed, laid out, and illustrated The Health Seekers' YearBook, it was easy reading, engrossing, and entertaining. I read The YearBook with awe and have made it a part of The Life Science Health System for 3 reasons:
#1. For me, it was a wonderful review and refresher course: Victoria has thought of everything!
#2. Victoria has uncovered so much fascinating material from the original and pioneering Hygienic giants that I was continually enriched with new perspectives as I read the entire 468-page text!
#3. Victoria is a thinker, a master teacher. And she has added much of her own, original thought and personal suggestions that make Natural Hygiene simpler and easier and more enjoyable to apply.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Natural Hygiene, I cannot think of a more comprehensive handbook or a better guide to the philosophy, principles, and practices of health than The Health Seekers' YearBook. Finally, we have "The Hygienic Bible" that our Dr. Vetrano has been calling for to offer Health Seekers and Genuine Hygienists, alike! (Written in 1990)
"Today, I consider Victoria BidWell to be the very best writer/editor/teacher in the Natural Hygiene movement today. So begin with The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense and follow up with The Live Food Factor."

The Health Seekers' YearBook 1990
from The Very Biggest Names
in Natural Hygiene, Back in the Day!

Natural Hygiene, throughout is history, has attracted and inspired unique and special individuals to rise to the very summit of human performance. Most certainly, Victoria BidWell is one of those unique and special individuals who has burst upon The Natural Hygiene Scene with unprecedented performance! Miss BidWell's determination to show all the wisdom of Natural Hygiene across The Land at the grassroots level remains unmatched. The lady and teacher not only displays an indomitable spirit of conviction, but also, an untiring determination to mobilize all her creative energies into innovative tools which carry "The Message of Natural Hygiene." The Natural Hygiene (Health Seekers') YearBook and The GetWell*GrassRoots Victory Wagon are just two of her many ideas to get "The Message of Natural Hygiene" out to the public in her special approach! Endorsed by... Dr. David Scott, Director of Scott's Natural Health Institute, Strongsville, Ohio.
Your book on GetWell*StayWell, America! – to say the least – is a classic, and the result of much study, compiling of truthful information, and many hours of diligent work. This book should be a part of student study, beginning in the lower grades, and going up through high school. What a change this would make on the future people of the world! "Thank You!" And I salute you for your dedicated efforts! Endorsed by... Dr. Gerald Benesh, Escondido, California.
I think that both the novice, as well as the well-informed Natural Hygienist, will find The Health Seekers' YearBook a useful and informative compendium of sprightly, stimulating, and valuable directions for enhancing health. A Great Nudge for any Health Seeker! Endorsed by... Dr. William Esser, Esser's Health Ranch, Lake Worth, Florida.
The Health Seekers' YearBook has 3 things in its favor: It is easy to read. It lays out The Principles and Practices of Natural Hygiene so that even a teenager can grasp them. And it has lots of personal stories and anecdotes that can help a newcomer to venture down The Road to Natural Hygiene. Last but not least and actually my favourite part of The YearBook is "The Year in Ideal Food for Thought." The 365 quotations for each day of the year are both uplifting and encouraging for new and old-timers, like me! This book is a thorough and comprehensive scripture of Natural Hygiene. I hope it sells well and helps millions to regain sanity in their lives. Endorsed by... Dr. Keki Sidhwa, President of The British Natural Hygiene Society, England, United Kingdom.
Victoria's The Health Seekers' YearBook is the most comprehensive work ever accomplished in Natural Hygiene; but most importantly, it is the most practical Hygienic work ever done! Hygiene starts in the mind. You have to learn to think Hygienically before you can live Hygienically. This book trains the reader to do just that – think Hygienically. This is "A How to Do-It-Yourself Manual" if there ever were one! Endorsed by... A Former Natural Hygiene Doctor in Texas.
I consider The YearBook excellent reading. It's definitely a study book, with easy to understand material on how to maintain vibrant health. Victoria, you are to be complemented for providing this creative and revolutionary answer to the question: "What Ails Our People?!?!" Endorsed by... Joe Aaron, Former President of The Canadian Hygiene Society.
BRAVO! VICTORIA! If a Hygienist could have only one book to show friends or loved ones in the hopes of successfully introducing them to Healthful Living through Natural Hygiene, The Health Seekers' YearBook would be the best choice I can imagine! Endorsed by Dr. Douglas Graham, Club Hygiene, Marathon, Florida.
Victoria BidWell's YearBook is a comprehensive coverage of Natural Hygiene in its physical, mental, psychological, and psycho-spiritual aspects. It is written in an enthusiastic, inspirational style, which makes for delightful reading and study. "The Year in Live-Food Menus" for the entire year was a superb idea! Victoria has simplified a vast subject and put its most important features into a single volume – a formidable task. This book is just what The Natural Hygiene Movement has been needing! I am recommending The Health Seekers' YearBook to all my patients and friends. Endorsed by Dr. Stanley Bass, Brooklyn, New York.
MY NOTE: Up until the sudden appearance of Common Sense in 1776, the concept of "American Freedom" had existed virtually subconsciously – as an unarticulated, unexpressed strain of political radicalism and as a component of the over-zealous, evangelical, religious mind. Yes, much discontent and much begrudging of The Mother Country existed in the colonists' minds. But no one had openly, publicly challenged the view, with both reason and emotionalism, that the British Constitution, with its balance between monarch, Lords and Commons and with kings and queens, was the perfect system of government in the world! With Common Sense, Thomas Paine literally transformed "The Collective American Consciousness" into Freedom-Lovers and Freedom-Fighters!! (Or – perhaps you could say – he brought to the surface an awareness of what the colonists really wanted and hadn't quite recognized yet!) Just think of it! Just think what 150,000 copies of Common Sense did! Circulated among just a few million Americans ready and willing to be set free – Common Sense turned farmers into soldiers and their cause for American Freedom into VICTORY! Freida Kabelac's review follows:
THIS BOOK IS MANNA FROM HEAVEN! After reading Victoria BidWell's The Health Seekers' YearBook, I just sat in awe of its great power! A mighty talent among us has produced a powerful work at just the right historical juncture. It is just what is needed to push The American Health Revolution a giant step forward! Victoria BidWell, with her flair for language, organizational skill, and her knowledge, has produced a magnificent book that will be a landmark from whence The American Natural Hygiene Grassroots Movement will get started. Millions of people are ready for Natural Hygiene's revolutionary ideas about health, disease, and healing. Most of the people in our Country are over-fed, malnourished, over-stimulated, and chronically poisoned. The thoughtful and open-minded among them are seeking a way out of their enervating and crippling lifestyles. Now we have an all-encompassing, comprehensive presentation of Natural Hygiene in one fine volume for these very people.
BREAK WITH YOUR MEDICAL MENTALITY! Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote: "The knowledge about health, disease, and healing is so simply and easily understood that if given straight to the people, it would do away with so many vested interests that it would bring on chaos." If the knowledge about health, disease, and healing is so easily understood, then why have so few grasped it? All of us since early childhood have been conditioned by misinformation about the body that has led to our developing a treatment-mentality and a cure-psychology. This is what goes to make up what Victoria called "The Medical Mentality." She correctly points out: "The only way The Health Seeker can declare Health Independence and claim freedom from medicine is to give up The Medical Mentality and take up self-responsibility." The Health Seekers' YearBook shows you how to get rid of your "Medical Mentality" in the most masterful way, and that's the real nitty-gritty of Natural Hygiene. When the bodily needs are met in Natural Hygiene living, it naturally knows how to function for its own self-preservation and always works toward perfection. This is a revolutionary way of thinking about the body! In The YearBook, Victoria boldly brands a group of Americans "The Disease Industrialists." They are those who profit from sickness, and they are in the forefront of scare-mongering about disease and peddling misinformation about it. These sickness profiteers present the body as a fallible contraption that constantly malfunctions and has to be treated. In order to sell their treatments and poisonous drugs, The Disease Industrialists have to dissuade you about the true nature of the human organism – especially its self-constructing, self-regulating, and self-healing capacities.
A GIANT STEP FOR THE HEALTH REVOLUTION!The Health Seekers' YearBook is a Hygienic Masterpiece. It is True Hygiene – without compromises found in so much other Hygienic literature. And – there is something in it for everyone! It is a good composite of 3 areas of Natural Hygiene: (1) Philosophy, theory, and principles; (2) Historical background and development; and (3) Much practical information about food, diet, and lifestyle. This book is a gold mine of knowledge and practical information that all Hygienists, Natural Hygiene teachers, and those aspiring to be teachers should have and use. The Health Seekers' YearBook will inspire The American People to make revolutionary changes the same as Common Sense did for The People of the 1776 American Revolution! Victoria BidWell bids fair to become the Thomas Paine of The Great American Health Revolution!
Frieda Kabelac-Ireland, Former Board Member of The Former American Natural Hygiene Society

The Table of Contents
For 2 BOOKS IN 1:
The Health Seekers' YearBook
With The Best of Common Health Sense

1: The Declaration of Health Independence
2: The Fastest Way to Start Your Own Health Revolution
3: More on Energy Enhancer #8 • Regular Exercise
4: More on Energy Enhancers #9 & #10 •
Emotional Balance & Nurturing Relationships
5: More on Energy Enhancer #5 • The Ideal Diet
6: The Ideal Diet VS. The Standard American Diet
7: How to Reach Your Revolutionist's Ideal Weight
8: The Victory Kitchen
9: The Year in Live-Food Menus
10: Recipes for The Revolution!
11: The Year in Live-Food Holiday Menus
12: The Health Seeker's Heritage
13: The Year in "Ideal Food for Thought"
14: A Common Sense SourceBook for Health Revolutionists

Health Seekers' BeverageBook
At Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods, guests enjoy original recipes
from my Health Seekers' BeverageBook manuscript! YUMMY!
Nutty and Chipper, our resident squirrels, guard
our Beverage Tasting Party here set up for 4 of us humans!

For a detailed 4-page "Table of Contents"
& for "Dr. Vetrano's 3-page Foreword" to
BOOK 1 – The Health Seekers' YearBook,

These 132 Pages of Crucial Teachings Added in 2005:
  • "The Star-Spangled Banner"
  • The Message and The Promise of Natural Hygiene
  • Thomas Paine: Our Common Health Sense Inspiration!
  • Dr. Vetrano Welcomes You to Common Health Sense in The '76 Spirit!
  • THE BOTTOM LINES for Hygienic Menstruation & Hygienic Menopause
  • The Great American Health Revolution Is ALIVE & WELL!
  • "The 10 Energy Enhancers" & "The 10 Energy Robbers" – An Important Qualification
  • "The 22 Essentials of Health" Formulated by T. C. Fry
  • Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"
  • You'd Better Turn Yourself Around & Get While The Gettin's Good!"
  • More on Energy Enhancer #1 – Cleanliness via The Correct Natural Hygiene Fast
  • "I GOTWELL BY FASTING!" – 5 Stories
  • Don't Become One of The Degenerate Norm!
  • Questions on Energy Enhancer #1 – Cleanliness via The Correct Natural Hygiene Fast
  • Energy Enhancers #4 – Adequate Rest & Sleep: Are They The Missing Energy Enhancers in Your Life?
  • Energy Enhancers #4 – Full Recovery from Chronic Fatigue!
  • The Highway from Hell VS. The Hygiene Joy Way!
  • Energy Enhancer #8 – Regular Exercise
  • More on Energy Enhancer #8 – Regular Exercise from The U.S. Surgeon General
  • Energy Enhancer #5 – Genuine Fruitarianism: Eat Your Veggies, Nuts & Seeds, Too!
  • Energy Enhancer #5 – How to Enjoy "Eating Sensationally!"
  • Energy Enhancer #5: Let Us Eat Only When There Is... "Genuine Hunger!"
  • Energy Enhancer #5: Natural Hygiene VS. Vegetarianism & Raw Foodism
  • Energy Enhancer #5: Mother-&-Child Questions-&-Answers on The Hygienic Diet
  • Satan's Counterfeit Foods VS. God's Garden of Eden Foods
  • "A Health Revolution Is Needed!" & "Health for The Millions!"
  • More "Health Nuts" Join Our GetWell*StayWell, America! Crusade!
  • Dr. Shelton's "THANK YOU!" to John Wayne
  • "THE MIGHTY WORK AHEAD!" by Dr. Shelton
  • GOD... Is Blessing You Right NOW!
You Have Seen the "PRAISE REPORTS"
from The 1990 Practitioners & Promoters.
— NOW —
from The 1990 People!
Health Seekers YearBook!
The Health Seekers' YearBook is worth its weight in gold! There is so much value, help, information, and inspiration in this one volume that can and will help people who want to improve themselves, day-by-day! It is truly a work of art, a workbook for "The Do-It-Yourselfer," and a beautiful book to put on the living room table to be seen and read everyday! Thank You, Victoria, for your labor of love. It is now up to the rest of us to get the word out by seeing this book into the hands of every friend and loved one who will listen. Lois and Don Conklin in California
Dearest Victoria, The Health Seekers' YearBook is the undaunted product of the tremendous love in your heart and soul! It is one of the most inspiring pieces of literature I have ever had the pleasure to read! The sound of Hygienic Truth rings clear and true in every blessed page. The book moves me to tears, outrage, laughter, and joy as each page teaches me more about The Glorious Gift of Natural Hygiene. I unabashedly recommend that every American who wishes to live in the best possible health get a copy of The Health Seekers' YearBook and contribute in any way possible to help you continue to bring The Truth of Natural Hygiene to a sick and suffering America and Planet. All My Love, Richard Del Nero in New Jersey
You were right. IT IS A GREAT BOOK and one that I will pore over and will return to again and again. It is evident that you have experienced much of what you describe. You not only know what you are writing about, but you also communicate it beautifully. WHAT A WEALTH OF DATA! And what an enormous amount of work went into designing the attention getters, the type style of each subject, the graphics, the very fine illustrations, heady and pithy epithets, not to mention the continuity and smooth flow of 1 subject to the next, the economy of words, and even your skill in fitting 1 subject to a single page! I especially appreciate your efforts to convey in an objective, controlled, and scholarly manner both sides of controversial issues; your orderly progression in discussing principles, your organization of subjects to express the relation of 1 concept to the other and much, much more. Dr. Gertrude Dole in New York
Just a word of praise for your Health Seekers' YearBook: IT'S GREAT!!! I've been on the Fit for Life diet for the last 3 years. But now, I have just discovered through your YearBook that there is much more to "Pure Natural Hygiene!" Now I have your highly readable and enjoyable book to keep me on the right path to health. I know I'll never want to go back to The SAD Diet because of all I know through your writings! THANKS SO MUCH!!! David Lavalee in Conneticut
Victoria! I just can't sleep! It's now 2:00 A.M. I am so excited! I just sent you for 10 more YearBooks! When I get them, that will be 24 I have purchased from you in the last 8 months! I have completely, cover-to-cover, studied my personally autographed copy 3 times!!! I will never complete my study! I LIVE IN IT! I now find that I can sell these YearBooks like hotcakes! MY ENTHUSIASM SELLS THEM! For over 3 years, I have held 100 pounds off successfully with Hygiene! Don Barrett in Texas
As living by the teachings of The Holy Bible helps one to find and stay on the path to eternal happiness in heaven, so does The Health Seekers' YearBook direct one to temporal heaven on Earth, helping to create a healthy, happy, long life! The 2 ladies, Victoria BidWell and Doctor Vetrano, accomplished more in The YearBook than they aimed for! The YearBook is more than a handbook: it is "The True Natural Hygiene Bible!" I commend this book to all who seek health. Csaky Laszlo in California
Dear, Dear Victoria, How can we ever thank you for the work you have done and continue to do!??? My husband Jim and our 2 sons, Quinn and Lincoln, and I count you with your Health Seekers' YearBook as one of the biggest blessings in our lives. We've joyfully watched TRUE HEALING MIRACLES occur in each of our bodies and minds! All 4 of us exuberantly share and teach everyone who is even slightly interested. THANK GOD THAT I GOT SO SICK AND MISERABLE THAT I FOUND NATURAL HYGIENE AND YOUR YEARBOOK! Leigh Sills in Oklahoma
One of the important missions of GetWell*StayWell, America! is to help people understand that carrying on as we are is not an option if we want to be well and joyful! Victoria has come to the forefront with her Vision of Health for The American People. Victoria steps across the battle line in full armor (Our Modern Day Joan of Arc) holding high her great sword of knowledge (The Laws of Natural Hygiene) written into her awesome publication, The Health Seekers' YearBook — The Bible of Hygienic Truth!!! We will rally behind this professional American Educator. Two American Health Revolutionists, Irvin and Nadine Mannes in California
I'm amazed at how you have turned each page into a work of art! The graphics, phrasing, instruction, The Joy & Spirit for Life all on each page! THE PROBLEM FOR ME IS JUST PUTTING IT DOWN! Pamela Drake in Washington
The wonderful YearBook arrived Thursday, and I became so engrossed in it that evening that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning! I JUST COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!! It is so comprehensive and easy to read, even for this Senior Citizen of 88 years! I am having fun trying out all the menus and recipes. Marion DeGenaro in Ohio
THE HEALTH SEEKERS' YEARBOOK IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL FOR THE INCITING OF A REAL, UNIVERSAL HEALTH REVOLUTION SINCE DR. SHELTON'S LANDMARK BOOK... HUMAN LIFE! Not since then has there been a publication that literally shouts from the housetops for a meaningful, National Health Revolution as does The YearBook! And, as if the incendiary contents were not enough... the format, quality, appearance, perfectionistic printing, the English-teacher-meticulousness, and over-all eye-appeal of The YearBook are all State of The Art! At present, I'm reading and studying this encyclopedic work. And one of the most poignant and heart-retching parts is the true story of Victoria's mother's death by cancer treatments. I'm sure every household in America has seen someone die painfully, tragically, and needlessly as her mother did. My question is... "How long must this go on?" Now armed with The YearBook, we can fight back! We can openly... "Declare our Health Independence from ALL of The Disease Industrialists!" just as Victoria so clearly teaches us to do. Wm. Lloyd in North Carolina
Dear Victoria, The Health Seekers' YearBook is so very wonderful! Of the 30 copies I have ordered, I have sent one to everyone in my family and to my friends. And they all are enjoying their copies so! Margaret Porcellini in Missouri
AT LAST! ALL THE INFORMATION THE HEALTH SEEKER NEEDS IN ONE PLACE! For years, I had to search and collect so many publications, books, and magazines on Natural Hygiene to make my health better. Now, here is The Good News the ill person needs to "GetWell!" — ALL IN ONE SOURCE! When The YearBook arrived, I read until far into the next morning. I knew it would be good when I ordered it. But this is really what we who are on the path needed to convince others that we are not just crackpots on the fringe! OH! That I had the resources! I would stand on the street corners and give them away from my red, white, and blue soapbox! I shipped all 12 in my first order except my personal one off to my sick relatives already. Please find enclosed a modest order for 12 more! Health Revolutionist Paul DeVaux in California
Dear Victoria, Received The Health Seekers' YearBook and your little notes and gifts. This book was created with love and will be nourished with the same. The intelligence and creativity in this book are unbelievably inspiring! You are a dynamite leader and someday will be placed alongside of Dr. Shelton as a contemporary power and motivating force that has helped change not only the health care of America but of the entire world! I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE YEARBOOK THAT I JUST CANNOT EXPRESS MYSELF! Lawrence Patrick in Texas
I find The Health Seekers' YearBook so complete in all details that all Life Science Students should add it to their course of studies. As a True Health Seeker, I am convinced that there is no better way for me to spend my money in the promotion of better health among my loved ones than in giving this book to them. James Carroll in Tennessee
WHAT A HANDBOOK! From the front cover onward, Miss BidWell helps you GetWell and SeeWell! It is so CONCISE, COLORFUL, ILLUSTRATIVE, CHALLENGING, EDUCATING, THOUGHT-PROVOKING, SIMPLE, EXCITING, CHALLENGING, USEFUL, REFRESHING!!! I could go on and on!!! The planning and succession of pages and chapters build on the sobriety of Natural Hygiene at its PUREST as "The Superlative Alternative!" The inside of the back cover finally culminates with that very theme as the medicine bag of "Dr. Sick" overflows with money while the UnMedicine Bag of "Dr. GetWell" overflows with fresh, ripe, glorious fruits and vegetables! I SAY: "GOD BLESS VICTORIA BIDWELL'S EFFORTS AND HER GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT YET! AMERICA! WAKE UP, AT LAST!" I am immediately ordering 40 more copies to show my friends. Each gets a few days to decide if he wants to buy a brand-new one. Then it gets passed along its "GetWell*StayWell Journey!" Nick Ceraolo in New Jersey
After 40 years as a medical doctor, I now realize I was taught the wrong way to treat patients and that Natural Hygiene via The Health Seekers' YearBook is the only way to go! Dr. John Powell in North Carolina
I've not seen a better, more inspiring book than The Health Seekers' YearBook! FABULOUS! MARVELOUS! WHEW! After dipping in here and there into other Hygienic literature, I finally came upon The YearBook. It has left me breathless and speechless! ALL my questions are now answered. It's the best tome since The Bible!!! I'm completely flabbergasted! Please send me 10 more copies to pass along my way! Peg Liljigren in Washington
Thank You, Victoria, for your wonderful YearBook! Your teachings are so logical! Our family and home life is much more happy, joyful, and loving with your teachings and since I turned our kitchen into a "Real Victory Kitchen!" I am blessed to have this information to pass on to our 2 girls. They are doing so much better in school since we adopted The Natural Hygiene Lifestyle! The YearBook gets passed around like a newborn baby! How we perform as individuals will determine how we perform as a Nation. I, for one, want to serve as a Health Revolutionist and help ServeWell our Nation!!! Florence Bernardy in Maryland
Opening The YearBook to any page is like diving straight into "The Crystal-Clean Ocean of Pure Natural Hygiene!" It provides a warm, supportive environment. Even after the shortest dip into this vast pool of sparkling, pure knowledge and information, my inspiration and motivation and determination are renewed and fortified! The Health Seekers' YearBook is a... "Treasure beyond Measure!" Ronn Gladwin in Oklahoma
The layout, the eye-appeal, and the printing of The Health Seekers' YearBook are just as great as The Natural Hygiene Teachings are PURE! Frank Wilson in California
The YearBook is a jewel! This gem is motivating me already!! In fact, I have stopped watching television since it arrived, after reading "The Four Arguments for The Elimination of Television." Now my house looks cleaner, and I have so much more time for everything that is really so very much more important! Please send 9 more copies for my sickly friends. Aida Suarez in New York
I had been following a 75% to 90% "Live-Foods Diet" for 5 years, and I thought I knew all I needed to know about Natural Hygiene. But Victoria BidWell's YearBook cleared up many misunderstandings for me. Page 161 made me realize I was "A Compulsive Overeater," even though I have never had a weight problem. The chapter on EMOTIONAL BALANCE helped me deal with the stress of my life so much more effectively that I have put my life in much better order! Susan Jorg in Oregon
Dear Victoria, You are indeed a marvel! Mrs. Burrell and I are the proud owners of 10 grandchildren. None are married to date, but most are of eligible age. We can think of no greater or more worthwhile gifts on their wedding days than copies of your wonderful Health Seekers' YearBook. The books would always be available to challenge them to strive to live more healthfully and in the memory of their doting grandparents. Enclosed is our check to cover 20 more copies of the wonderful YearBooks. Life Science Graduates, The Lawrence Burrells in Oklahoma
T.C. Fry's amazing endorsement of your book, The Health Seekers' YearBook, was the overwhelming factor causing me to invest my money in yet another book on health. And what is my conclusion? THE BOOK IS TERRIFIC! It is the most clarifying, simplifying, and yet penetrating and satisfying literature I have yet found on Natural Hygiene! I GREATLY APPRECIATE THE EFFORT YOU HAVE OBVIOUSLY EXPENDED TOWARD THIS QUALITY MASTERPIECE! Thank you for your contributions to my life and to the rest of humanity. Your contributions to The Planet will eventually rival those of Dr. Shelton's. Dr. Robert Wyman in California
I am 85 years old. And I treasure your Health Seekers' YearBook, edited by Dr. Vetrano! I started with peace in my heart that at last I have the teachings I need to be able to eat the right combinations. I especially enjoy all your stories and quotes throughout the book. Katherine Shelton in Texas
When I bought The YearBook, I was saying to myself, "What am I buying this for? I already have the 20 volume Health Reporters, all of T. C. Fry works, Dr. Shelton's Superior Nutrition. I have watched all of the videos, read most of the books!?!?" I was afraid I was throwing my money away on things I already knew. SURPRISE OF SURPRISES! There was a great deal in your YearBook I didn't know and had not even thought of! It is a great book, as evidenced by my purchases of over 50 copies this year to resell at health fairs! You are a genius, Victoria, right up there with Drs. Shelton and Vetrano! Phyllis Avery in California
Dear Victoria, THANK YOU for meeting me at The Bart Station so that I could purchase a box of your wonderful YearBooks. It may interest you to know that I mailed copies of your YearBooks to my family in Israel and that your inspiring work can be shared on the other side of the world! Please keep up the good work. If you promote The YearBook with the enthusiasm and energy you radiate in person, I am sure it will be the breakthrough that Natural Hygiene needs! Jake Novak in Texas
Dear Victoria, The more times I go through The YearBook, the more I love it! My family all went nuts, fruits, and veggies over it! THANK YOU! Laura Meacham in Montana


Wallace D. Wattles once explained what I call
"The God-given Serendipity" of how a book we need so much at the precise time
we need it just happens to drop into our laps:

"If there is a particular book you need to read
at a certain time in your life,
it will be placed into your hands at the right time."

This is just another way of putting that '60's serendipity saying:
"When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear."

Or it is just another way of Hollywood's FIELD OF DREAMS sychronicity telling us:
"If you build it, they will come."

But I am most moved by Thoreau's serendipitous 1860 warning to The People
— that it is their civil responsibility to disobey corrupt institutions:

"A book, not which affords us a cowering enjoyment,
but in which each thought is unusual and daring — such as an idle person cannot read — and by which a timid person would not be entertained — a book which even makes us dangerous to existing [corrupt] institutions...
that is what I call a good book!"

But best of all, I believe the Scriptures:
"Seek and ye shall find."
— and —
"Knock and the door shall open unto you."
— and —
"Ask and ye shall receive."

The Health Seekers Yearbook Dr. Vetrano Dancing

Your Global Natural Hygiene Health Revolutionist has ridden in
on High & is waiting at your own homestead's cyberspace gate!



Why Is 2 BOOKS IN 1:
The Health Seekers'
YearBook with The Best
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So Very Important?

It is THE VERY BEST handbook
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Jumping HighJoy

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Choose Life! Do Right! Eat Live! Get High!
Drs. Vivian Vetrano and Tosca Haag. Dr. Vivian Vetrano & Dr. Tosca Haag
Age 83 — & — Age 60
"The Real Deal Natural Hygienists!"

Backing Victoria Up
In Correct Natural Hygiene Teachings
— July • 2010 —

From Dr. Tosca Haag on 9/1/2012:
2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' Yearbook with The Best of Common Health Sense is the work of my very close friend and colleague, Victoria BidWell — whose passion is to get readers onto and then guide them along The Highest Road to Health Freedom! AND WHAT A GUIDE SHE IS!
While reading any one page of this book, I am struck by the powerful contrast of metaphors Victoria uses to engage our right brain creativity and motivation and then to integrate them into our left brain analytical and reasoning processes. Ask any person, college educated or not, what comes to mind when they hear the terms "Medical Mentality at Its Very Worst" and "Natural Hygiene at Its Very Best." Most can make no clear distinctions between the two at all. But Victoria's way with words and talent for teaching is giving us life-saving distinctions — and plenty of them! She is helping wash clean the works of The Establishment brainwashing that trains us to consume the dangerous products and make use of the unwholesome dis-services of The Disease Industrialists: chemical-ridden foods, empty calorie foods, fiber-devoid foods, junk foods, high-fat and high-salt and high sugar foods, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, and so on. All that is for sale that is bad for us: these are the wares of The Disease Industrialists. Their partners in crime are their advertisers. They make a powerful and irresistible team to get us to buy their stuff, unless we are educated! Victoria is showing us how to see through their lies, find the truth, and turn into Health Revolutionists so we can get healthy and "Get High Joy!" What a great name for her horse and our icon for Health Freedom Fighters!
The Natural Hygiene System with The 10 Energy Enhancers, once diligently applied by The Health Seeker to his or her own personal life, is marvelously simple by design and resourcefulness in protecting health and longevity. An overview of The Hygienic System, described by Dr. Shelton in 7 huge volumes, is explained within the pages of 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' Yearbook with The Best of Common Health Sense in ways we all can understand. This explanation is made entertaining with diagrams and pictures, quizzes and enumerated bullet points, and light-hearted wit and revolutionary rhetoric! The reader keeps turning the pages just to see what right brain surprise awaits him or her! The pages are filled with Correct Natural Hygiene, happiness, and hope for re-creating your life into the healthiest possible!
In rising to her calling, Victoria's motivation was derived from watching her mother pass on with a hideous death via cancer treatments, by watching her fellow high school teachers grow embittered and old before their time from dealing so poorly with stress while developing addictions all the while, and by watching her young and beloved students get excited by the prospect of not having to go the way of the adults. So when she found Dr. Shelton' volumes and magazines in 1976, she was called to use her insightful interpretation of the preponderance of his richly profuse, archaic, and ornate literary style and to popularize his teachings for everyday people! Being a former English Teacher with her training in semantics and linguistics, she had what it took to rewrite and then illustrate Dr. Shelton at a senior high school reading level without losing the accuracy of the teachings! This is what so many readers love about T. C. Fry's little books to this day: they can understand the lessons without having college degrees behind their names! In her later years, Victoria's motivation was derived from The GetWell Friends' 28 years of appreciation, support, and cheerleading to spur her on to become "The Legendary Internet Presence for Correct Natural Hygiene" that she is fast becoming today. She and HighJoy are virtually galloping through cyberspace, calling all who find them to join up with them in The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness!

Dr. Shelton.
Our True Talkin' Texan Dr. Shelton.
1895 - 1985

Leader of The Natural Hygiene Movement from 1930 On

Dr. Shelton was Dubbed "The Sand Burr of The Rio Grand"
because his irritating teachings got under the saddles
of The Disease Industrialists and hurt like hell!

NOW, The Wilderness Woman & HighJoy ride forward as
"The Spurs of The World Wide Web Health Revolution"
via health4thebillions.org to inspire Health Seekers
on to reach their Highest Health Potentials!

Bookstores and TV programs bombard our senses with ideas and elixirs promising long life and seductive weight-loss formulas that are riddled with a long list of side effects that could leave you much worse than when you started looking! Health educators pump out books without knowing what they are talking about. We are the media's victims of misinformation, advertising lies, and good old-fashioned ignorance about the foundational needs of the body for recovering and maintaining health. Victoria is helping to change all this by sharing with all who want to travel with her and HighJoy along The Highest Road to Health Freedom! It all starts with getting Dr. Shelton's wisdom — distilled, condensed, popularized, and then infused into — 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense.
Since getting her HighJoy Horse in 1996, running off to Canada with him for a year in 1999, and returning to move into The Cascade Mountains in 2002, Victoria BidWell has turned into "The Wilderness Woman." Bumper stickers tell us of retired, old men's sentiments: "I'd rather be fishing!" Well, our Wilderness Woman tells me: "I'd rather be riding High!" Instead, she spends long hours in her offices, now working hard to put the beauties and glories of animals and nature back into Natural Hygiene and then to put Natural Hygiene on The World Wide Web Map! She has now become the leading mentor of Natural Hygiene though her teachings, all of which have been carefully edited by Dr. Shelton's cohort and my mother: Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano. Victoria has surely learned her way around a computer and the Internet. She has many websites, all loaded with Correct Natural Hygiene information, gift E-books, fabulous live-food photo galleries, gift recipes, gift health tips, numerous gift broadcasts every month, and heath-promoting products and Guesthouse invitations at prices so low I do not know how she does it — AND MORE! I can only think that all Health Seekers would be thrilled to join up with The Wilderness Woman and The HighJoy Horse if only they knew about what she is just giving away — or offering as she calls it, "dirt cheap!"
It's all the rage of late to talk of "re-inventing" or "re-creating" oneself into a more productive, powerful, and/or popular person. Well, Victoria has gone through a greater transformation than most ever dream of. The biggest of which was in becoming a Hygienist. Then a Christian. Now, she is riding forward as "Our Back-to-Nature Natural Hygiene Health Advocate!" I believe she will become legendary as she fulfills her final goal — to ride High across America and hand out FREE INFO on Correct Natural Hygiene while she stops and talks to The People along the highways and back roads. She certainly has the gift of gab and knows how to chew the fat. I believe Health Seekers she meets along the way will love her and HighJoy! Mom and Greg and I intend to follow her in our motorhome for her first 2 months and talk with The People, too! Victoria has many ducks in get into a row before she heads out. But all 3 of us can hardly wait for The Legendary Wilderness Woman to get back into the HighJoy saddle again! You will all be able to ride with us at www.hygienehighjoyacrossamerica.com!

Victoria BidWell Victoria BidWell Victoria BidWell
1994 1999 2002

Just because she is settled into a mountain river valley of tiny (population 900) Concrete, Washington, does not mean that she is inaccessible! You can contact her personally via the web, over the phone, by snail-mail, and through e-mail.

In Victoria, most too-up-tight, too-straight-laced people see a-bit-too-playful of a child who has been a-bit-too-free of the box a-bit-too-long and who revels in nature a-bit-too-much with a love of just being alive a-bit-too-great! Their skeptical judgments can only label her "a-bit-too-wild!" To me... she is the breath of fresh and invigorating mountain air that Natural Hygiene has long needed! I believe Victoria is right when she says: "It is wildly important to make your life FUN! FUN! FUN!" Thinking happy thoughts and finding pleasure in even the most trivial of daily activities support a body-brain chemistry that engenders the hope and the courage needed to make adventurous changes in our lives so much easier and more long-lasting than playing it safe-&-same while losing energy and taking that dreaded Descent into Disease. So hang on — for the rides of your life! And get Victoria's 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' Yearbook with The Best of Common Health Sense — for the health adventures of your life! Ever since it came into print in 1990, we 3 Texas Doctors used this book as the main teaching text at our retreats.

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But 1st — A NOTE... 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense does not go on sale. The price is set at $50 + $5 H&S = $55.
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HAPPY TRAILS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN! Victoria Riding Away Into The Sunset! God Bless Us All!
Your Iron-clad, No-Hassle Guarantee
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This guarantee is easy to make! I have had only 7 Health Seekers in 24,000 books sent out since 1990 want their money back for either edition of The Health Seekers' YearBook!

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